I swear I’m not sluffing off, not really…

So I know it’s been two weeks since I originally launched Handmade By Terry with no updates so I apologize.  I know, what kind of girl initiates a blog, put’s up her first post and then disappears for two weeks.  Yeah, that would apparently be me.  Again, sorry. 🙂

Field Trip!Actually the first week in May is my Annual Mummy and Daughters Week.  My Mum and Sis always come spend the week with me or rather in an awesome condo and this year was no exception.  I couldn’t have ordered better weather either!  The temps were comfortably warm during the day and a little cool in the evenings and cool evenings make much better bar nights ya know.  Other wise, I would’ve sweated my ta’ta’s off with all the live music and dancing!!!

While they are in town my sis always tries to come up with something to do that gets me out of Terry Land a little.  And this time, under my sons guidance we went kayaking.  Okay, so I’m sure my very active sis has gone before back home in Michigan and I know my mum goes kayaking regularly since she has her own kayak and lives just down the road from a lake.  But for me, this was a first and Oh My Gosh it was sooooooo fun!!!  I’m seriously gonna watch for a used kayak and someone to kayak with now.  We went to Weeki Wachi Springs State Park through Paddling Adventures.  If you haven’t gone before you have to check it out, it’s so very beautiful.

My Naters

We also made a few evening trips out to eat and dance, including of course Mahuffer’s Sloppy Johns. I swear this is my sis’s favorite place here in Florida.  But hey, I’m not complaining.  I got lot’s of floor time with live music and I met a totally adorable guy there while she was in town.  Now if I could just cross paths with Adorable Andy again so we can exchange contact info. LOL

ManateeAll in all, Mother’s Day 2013 was a bit sad between dropping mum and sis at airport and coming down with a horrible yucky cold/cough.  Which is just now starting to clear up a whole spankin week later.  Argggh!!!

But, alas I have been a busy little bee today reviewing the numerous WordPress tutorials and working on making my blog more presentable.  I still have a lot more to go but am signing off as it’s after midnight and I have to work on my feet all day tomorrow at a consulting facility.  Thanks for reading my dribble yet again.

Happy crafting!  TerryO

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Be YOURSELF, everyone else is taken. --Oscar Wilde
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