Making Progress

Learning Curve…

I having been working so hard on my site, learning as I go might I add  😛  and am pleased to say things appear to be coming together.  I still need to get photos up for my creations but am working with Kate Adams an absolutely fantastic photographer to get that taken care of.  I tried to take the photos on my own and yeah… you see they are not posted.  They were a hot mess.  Goes back to… there is a reason there are professional photographers in the world.  I hope to have the photos up in the next two weeks depending on Miss Kate’s schedule.

So what have I been doing project wise?

Summer items for sure!!!  I am currently working on what will be a fabulous beach wrap (a story will follow with this one once I finish it) and a very fun cover up/beach dress.  Both are of Micro Spun by Lionbrand, a most deliciously soft yarn that is perfect for the Florida heat and is machine wash AND dry!  I’m also working on two tops in that oh so soft Red Heart Soft yarn, again machine wash AND dry!  Of course all will be made in bodaciously curvy full figured women sizes.

Hurry! Hurry!! Hurry!!!

I’m also impatiently awaiting my order for some more Micro Spun to work on a couple of orders.  Yay!!! Yes I said orders!  I was out and about wearing my 1st version of my wrap and a curvaceous hotty loved the yarn and asked if I could make a cover up!  Let me think???  You bet I can handle that!  The other order was from one of my freelance jobs, a bodaciously curvy coworker saw me crocheting with my awesome Micro Spun yarn and loved it and wants a wrap for her daughter and some rings for both her and her daughter.  Yay me!  Baby Steps right?!

Step away from the cookie cutter!!!

I just wish companies made more yarns that were warm weather friendly in addition to keeping the local stores stocked with them.  I think it’s the funniest thing in the world that, living here in Florida I can go to the local craft/yarn store and get a whole selection of bulky yarns but the sport weights and microfibers are virtually non-existent.  Cookie Cutter Syndrome much?!  Break free my lovely (insert your fav yarn store here), if you are located in Alaska go ahead, excel in that bulky section but if you are in Florida put your focus on yarns more friendly to the climate.

Dainty creations delivered sassy style!

Oh, and the other thing I have been working on are these super cute wire rings.  Inspired by my childhood, I remember being a little girl and even then had bigger fingers than my girlios but someone (don’t remember the who on this) gave me the prettiest daintiest little ring that actually fit and it was wire.  And if you wear a bunch they look even cooler!!!  Of course not as many as in pic that was just so you could see some of them.  Let me know what you think.   🙂

So many things to be made!  I’m off to work on some fabulous creations handmade by yours truly!

Peace & Love, Terry

4 Ring Sampler       Image    8 Ring Sampler A

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