Photos, Wraps, Dancing and more

Photo’s of My Creations coming soon…

I finally met up with Kate of Kate Adams Photography and took pictures of the majority of my stuff.  I had been collecting it all in a box and didn’t quite realize I had so many things.  LOL!  Now to sell them right?!  Kate is working on the editing and I should have the images back by Monday and will put them up asap.

Beach Wrap – The True Story…

Okay, so a couple weeks ago I mentioned working on a beach wrap and that there was a story behind it so here goes…  Let’s start from beginning, about 5 years ago I made what was supposed to be a shawl out of LionBrand Microspun yarn in black and it was gorgeous!!!  Though I usually wore it as a wrap which being so bodaciously curvy was a treat since most wraps I see for my size are blah.  Then sis came to town and she fell in love with it too so of course by the time she went home I passed it into her care thinking that being a sexy lil beach girl she’d get tons of use out of it.  So I would fondly remember my beach wrap and ask her about it at her annual visits, seriously 😉  I know, messed up right?!  Anyhow, I decided forget this, I’m making one for me.  One problem, I couldn’t remember what pattern I used and I knew I had modified during the making part since the yarn drapes differently than most.  So I pulled out all my books, mag’s, print ups and narrowed it down to just a few.  Yeah, it wasn’t any of those, mind you I had to pull it out each time since I only had a little bit of the yarn.  I finally improvised with what I thought it might be and it looked great but it seemed to short so yet again I pulled it out – too long, pulled it out – too wide, pulled it out, and finally stuck with the last version which is the perfect width but too long for my preference.  Arggghhh!!!  So it will be one of those lovely pic’s that goes in My Creations section for someone else to buy and I will be starting from scratch.

What else have I been doing?

I have been a busy little girl.  I’ve been making lots of IPhone and SmartPhone cases with a detachable strap.  They are perfect for those times when all you want to have on you is your phone, ID, and maybe a little cash/card (which is pretty much always for me).  The strap is made long enough to allow that  cross over look which is very popular right now, not to mention that it makes it so your things are secure and your hands are free.  

I’ve also gone a little over board on those rings I mentioned last time.  They are just sooooo cute!!!  I kept getting requests for the ones with beads so have added them to my inventory as well.  Who knew these little cuties would be so popular!!!

A few other things I’ve been working on are bandana’s & bags out of cotton yarn, swatches of the LionBrand Microspun to see what my preferences are, and a gorgeously sexy beach cover up  (I deliver it today!).

Dancing at Mako’s

My friend Ben introduced me to Mako’s and I had an absolute blast!!!  They have excellent music and a bona fide dance floor.  Poor Ben, I danced almost the entire time.  Oh and let’s give Ben other props due him.  He opened the doors, paid the tab, bought me a rose 🙂  and was great at conversation (which I am not, so that is a very good plus).  All in all, it was a fabulous evening!!!

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1 Response to Photos, Wraps, Dancing and more

  1. Ilene says:

    cant wait to see everything you’ve done. soo happy you found someone to have a great time with. Love ya


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