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New Michaels Yarn!!!

So last month Michaels did a reset on yarn, meaning the new stuff came out, unfortunately I have been avoiding that section because I can’t afford to buy any yarn until I start selling some things or booking more classes LOL.  However, I needed a pillow form for a sample project for class and… well… okay, hey the pillow forms are right by the yarn ya know!   So needless to say I peeked and was so excited to see the new Loops & Threads Elegance and Glamorous, both so very cool (see pics 🙂 ) each in their own way.  Oh, and these are Michaels Brands so booyah Michaels!  Living here in Florida I would have screamed if I saw another Thick and Chunky added without introducing a warmer weather friendly counterpart.

Still eyeballing…

Of course I also had to check on the Patons Metallic to make sure it didn’t go anywhere (it’s also on my wish list and has been for a while).  Still there!  This stuff makes me think of Lion Brands  Microspun (which I love so very much and is perfect for Florida’s heat).  Metallic has a silky smooth, non-fuzzy feel and is in these crazy cool metallic looking colors  that would be perfect for the Fall-Winter Holidays coming up.  Of course I would prefer it to be made into a lacy sweater for over a tank top because that’s how I roll.

If you’ve worked with Metallic, Elegance, or Glamorous please share!

Michaels Loops & Threads Glamorous

Michaels Loops & Threads Glamorous

Michaels Loops & Threads Elegance

Michaels Loops & Threads Elegance

Patons Metallic Yarn

Patons Metallic Yarn

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