Every Little Bit Counts!!!

Great News! 

My face cloth sets, headbands, and a few small mesh bags can all be found at Salon Mystique in Seminole, FL.  Woot!  Woot!!  The face cloth sets are a must have for all the earth friendly’s out there or those at least trying to reduce their carbon footprint… they are nice and small and I made mine with Lion Brands Cotton-Ease which is a nice cotton/acrylic blend making them easy to care for, eliminating those daily disposables many people currently use.  When I first saw them in an Etsy shop, I thought ‘oh a coaster’ which I’m sure every crocheter has made at some point but then I talked to my very green girl friend and she’s thought they were a terrific idea and wanted some for her shop.  So here we are today with lots of pics.  You can virtually use any stitch you want and they always seem to come out super cute but I wanted to have some links handy for my beginning crocheter friends so here were the best three I could find.  Please keep in mind mine may not look exactly like theirs as we all like to do things a certain way but they were all made under the same premise of working in the round using various stitches and if you can work in the round pick your fave stitch and go to to it or check out these awesome blogs for inspiration! (Between 2 1/2 and 4 inches seems to be the best size range)   

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