You make a difference!!!

Continuing with the green trend from my previous post, I have also been working on making a set of mesh market bags that are perfect for grocery shopping.  So far I have five finished and just one to go.  {They look sooooo pretty}  They are all very similar in actual size just slightly different shapes to accommodate a smoother shop trip (For example one is a little taller in case your a french bread person, another is a little wider to accommodate milk cartons and boxier items).  My beautiful matching set is in violet made from Lion Brands Cotton-Ease so the cotton/acrylic blend ensures a sturdy but easy care bag.  I have a set myself that I have been using for at least five years now and I love them!!!

For my crocheter friends, the original inspiration was from a very old FREE Market Bag pattern that has since been updated by the looks of it from Lily Sugar ‘n Cream.  Now I have made several of these over the years so I have tweaked the bag a bit to accommodate my preferences but the premise is there.  It’s up to you to find your inspiration beyond that!!!

Now I have to share an experience I had a few years back…  I was at the ‘Blue Store’ (if your here in the US you know the one) and I was thoroughly gruffed at by a cashier about my reusable bags basically saying why should I care no one else does and it’s not like I will make a difference by myself!!!  Hah!  I don’t know about you but I am seeing more and more people stepping up and using re-usable bags not too mention the fact that plastic bags are no longer procreating in my cupboards (I swear they did)!!!  So step up my lovely friends and get yourself some reusable bags or even make your own because you as an individual do make a difference and you will never know what kind of ripple effect you’ll have on those around you not to mention our lovely planet and the future generations that will thank you!!!  Okay, after reviewing that sentence it does sound a little cheesy but it sure does a good job of conveying how I feel 🙂  So check out the home pictures of my lovely market bags!

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