Slouchies, Skullcaps, Scarves and … Minions?

In honor of the changing season, well sort of… I am in Florida LOL.  Anyhow, I thought some skinny scarves and cutesy caps were in order.  I didn’t follow a specific project pattern than I can share with my fellow crocheters {soooo sorry}  but I think they turned out pretty cute.  {and they need homes–hint, hint}  I can tell you that I need to thank Mrs. Malik-Moon if I ever see her again because in creating these hats you do use that diameter = circumference / pi equation we learned way back when.  Thank you and I’m sorry for saying I would never need to use that equation outside of math class.

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So apparently Minions are all the craze?!  LOL  Anyhow, my friends from Michaels in Pinellas Park strongly suggested I make them during a demo and once they saw that I actually could make them they practically did flips in their excitement (THANKS FOR THE POSITIVE PROPS MY FRIENDS)!!!  I actually used a pattern I found online (there were sooooo many) by Jenni Ferwerda because she was so organized in her approach and the pattern was simple to read.  I actually made a few (one of which now resides as Michaels) and during the process discovered that I would like to try a few ideas of my own when I get a chance to work on them again.  I forgot to take a pic of the one I left at Michaels but here are pic’s of a couple I still have.  I’m thinking bigger boots, dimensional overalls, and crazy hair are on the agenda in the future.  Any other thoughts/suggestions?  🙂

Well, my yarn is calling out to me so I better get going!  Hope you liked my creations!  Peace, out, tlo

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