The good and the bad…

The Good…

I’m so excited to share that my classes picked up in October immensely!  I have had more sessions in the one month of October than all my other paid sessions to date!!!  Woot! Woot!!  Thanks to all of my students for that!!!!!!!!!!   To encourage that trend (mama needs new yarn) I decided to use the items from my previous display as give-a-ways.  Details coming soon…

The Bad???

Well sorta, you know how ‘bad’ works, sometimes you tweak it a bit and it’s not so bad.  Anyhow, the bad is (as most of us already know, lol) money is tight so until I sell some of what I have on-hand (with the exception of special orders) I am not allowed to buy new yarn… {HUGE sad sigh here}  BUT… here’s the tweaking part, that means I have come up with projects for the yarn I already have on hand.  

6-9 Month Vest1One such project was a cute little baby vest but I think it needs a little something to make it pop.  I made the vest in a 6-9 month size using Bernat Baby Coordinates in orchid.  I switched to a much smaller hook than recommended and it came out perfectly true to the measurements.  I got the pattern for FREE from Lion Brand.   I have included a pic but will keep working on ideas on what to do to give it that wow factor which is currently missing.  Sorry for the lame picture, I don’t exactly have an infant handy 😛   Feel free to share ideas for the sake of wow-ness.  

Bonbon Display1

A Tiny Splurge…

Now, I did splurge on a package of Lion Brands new Bonbon’s (using a coupon of course) and created the samples for my new Display Board for Michaels (the store in Pinellas Park, Florida of course).  You have to check out all the different colors, fibers, and weights available!  And all projects shown are fairly simple and perfect for gift giving!!!  The patterns were from various resources (see links below) and be sure to browse their sites for more cool patterns.

A Little Teaser…

I made a few adorable hats using purple Red Heart Shimmer  that I can’t wait to show off; a flapper, a shell stitch skull cap, and a slouchie beanie.  Unfortunately I don’t have pic’s yet but promise to follow up on this soon.

And of course I always have more projects in the works which speaking of that, me’s gots ta’ go cuz my hook and yarn are screaming for attention!  

Peace, out! tlo


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