So many projects, so little time

Johnny Five, I’m alive!

I know, I know, I’ve been very neglectful of my blog.  It’s been quite a while since I have posted and I’ve completed sooooooo very many projects during that time so I’ll dig right in.  Okay, so I have really been missing my family and feeling like that connection needed some strengthening so I had this brilliant idea to make something for all my brothers and sister and their families.  Yeah, so pretty much from October to December I was working on this LOL.  Wow, there was the question of what to make, what style, what color, etc…  Not as simple as I thought but I think it was worth it in the end for everyone to feel like I was there when they got together for the holidays (they all live in Michigan and I’m here in Florida with my son).  Any how, following are some of the pic’s.

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Some other fun projects & orders I’ve worked on lately…

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I even experimented with Arm Knitting, though this is definitely not a Florida item LOL.  It actually works up rather quickly but the cost of the yarn is definitely higher.

And Finally, what I’m working on now…

Well to name a few… I have been working on some fun crazy beer cozies (pic’s to come soon); I also have a request for three key chain amigurami: an elephant, a koala, and a panda (so that’s on my to do list); I have an order for another bag in fun bright pink, purple & white (perfect to warm me up for the spring); and with crochet & tatted jewelry increasing in popularity so much that is also on my to do list.  However, I had to order a shuttle to do the tatting which I will need to relearn because it’s been forever since I’ve even seen a shuttle let alone touched one so I am waiting on that to come in.  AND I have finally joined in on a crochet along and talked mummy into doing it too.  This will be my first crochet along so I’m very excited.  I joined in a couple weeks late but should get caught up in no time since they just released the second square.  Oh, the crochet along is for a Checkerboard Textures Throw and it’s through RedHeart.  You soooooo have to check it out!!!  So far so cute  🙂  Click here for link to the Crochet Along.

Anyhow, there you have it… an abbreviated version of my project life over the past few months!  Happy crafting whatever you niche may be!!!

Peace & Love!  Terry 🙂

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