It’s all about the tools

My discovery…

I think it was about a year ago when I discovered after all these years of crocheting that I have a brand preference when it comes to hooks.  I found it out quite by accident actually.  Over the years I have collected a lot (like seriously a LOT 🙂 ) of crochet hooks!  Usually Boye since they were the most well known, some Bates, a clover, and even a few unknowns and when it would come to my project I would just grab the first hook I found that was the right size.  Over time I came to realize I kinda connected a negative feel for several of my hooks and wasn’t sure why.  Well, apparently my subconscious made the connection first that with Boye hooks I tended to drop my stitches more often.  I believe the reason for this is that the Boye hooks have a shallower and more rounded hook part, where as, the Bates has a defined deeper hook.  So, bottom line I’m a Bate’s hooker for sure!  

Side Note:  The one suggestion I would share with Bates is to go back to the materials they used to make their hooks with.  The texture and weight of the new ones in their multi-pack feels off which I guess if your someone who doesn’t crochet as much you might never even notice.

I have lot’s more to share that I’ve been up to but will have to get back to posting it later.

Happy Crafting!!!  Peace, out, tlo

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