My New Baby

Introducing my new little baby!!!

A beauty right?!!  She might look old (original birth around 1965) but she is made from nice solid metal parts — Woot! Woot!!  As many of my crafting friends know the newer machines are usually not {sad sigh} and they cost quite the penny for being made from plastic.  And I had to laugh when I checked the reviews on her, all were positive with regards to her ability, durability, and functionality.  The reason I had to laugh is because I have been looking at reviews for some of the newer models and that was definitely not the case there.  Now I haven’t had a chance to take her for a run yet so here’s to a long happy future with my beautiful Kenmore Model 52 Sewing Machine.  {Note to my lovely Singer back in Michigan:  You have a new sister!  And yes I still love you baby and promise to come get you some day.  Be good for grandma!!!}  😉

Oh, and while I was out on the hunt for my new little baby I found some old Coats and Clark sewing thread, the kind on the wooden spool and couldn’t resist spending the $1.50 for these little cuties!!!

Peace & Love, tlo

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2 Responses to My New Baby

  1. Ilene says:

    Good deal on the sewing machine, looks great. The cozzy are cute. I love my swiffer. It works really good. Thank you for all your time you put into eveything and the time it takes you to post it all.


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