The Grand Circle of Life

Remember to show the love to the people you care about my friends because you never know when times up.  

Sooooo, it was in April when I got ‘the news’.  My father was diagnosed with terminal cancer and well… it didn’t really matter that it was liver cancer because at that stage it was pretty much everywhere to my understanding.  “But hey” my dad says “my diabetes is under control”.  I, being the entirely lucky girl that I am to have such an awesome family, was promptly flown out to spend a few weeks with my pops.  Thanks sis!  Now mind you, I should point out that pretty much my entire family would have paid to fly me out because they are awesome like that.  So I spent a much needed 3 weeks in Michigan after a 7 year hiatus.  My pops and his poor wife Karen put me up in their spare bedroom for pretty much the whole time and my entire direct family and even one of my besties (Ms. Iva Jean) made the time to visit with me and trust me I really needed some family/friend time.  In the end, while the circumstances were bad the visit itself was wonderful.  On August 13th my father ended his journey.  I’m happy to say he left knowing he was fully loved by many people.  I also have to give props to his besty Nancy!  You are a rock solid friend!!! 

Love & Hugs, Terry 

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