About Me

Possibly a bit eccentric, definitely introverted, but so very not shy.

I love to learn and can often be found working my way through a book, or surfing the internet.  I also love fresh herbs and vegetables and some day hope to grow my own organic goods.

I have a big spectacular family that I love dearly!  It was actually my wonderful and very much loved mummy that introduced me to hook and yarn when I was still in the single digits.

I think I was in junior high when an art teacher introduced the design and creation of jewelry.  Over the years I have dabbled in numerous other crafty and/or creative type activities but I always seemed to radiate back to crocheting and jewelry.

I briefly attempted an online shop as well as a few craft shows but found I was spending more time and money on all the ‘non-creating/crafting’ responsibilities than I was on the craft itself with no financial payoff to show for all the extra efforts.  So, now I am working my way back to the creation/crafting end of the spectrum again.

I do consider special requests so if their is something you’re interested in please feel free to reach out to me with the specifics.

Hugs, TerryO