About Me

I’m a pretty simple girl at heart, a born and raised Michigander; so trees make my heart skip a beat and water calms me to the core. In all truthfulness, I am quite passionately in love with this entire beautiful planet that we inhabit and believe it is in everyone’s hands in some small way to ensure its continued breath taking existence. I am also quite passionately in love with my family and friends and I am very grateful to have them in my life as well.

I can be a bit eccentric and quirky in an introverted way but trust me when I say I am definitely not shy. I laugh a lot & loudly, smile excessively, and I’m quite confident that music is a mandatory component of my life. To me, being true to myself, and my values, is crucial to my personal sense of well-being and I am definitely a quality over quantity type of individual. Yes, that means I can be a bit difficult but that also means when the virtual shiznit hits the virtual fan, my loved ones know I’ll be there when they need me.

Professionally I am a freelance Virtual Assistant which I fell into quite naturally.  For more details please feel free to check out my linked-in profile.  On the flip-side my soul is that of a nature lover and die-hard crafter.  I absolutely love creating with my favorite’s being jewelry and crochet thus my venture into combining making a living with what I love.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me; I hope to return the favor!

Hugs, TerryO